Beef Doner Kebab Salad


1. 8 oz of Egea Food Sliced Beef Doner Kebab
2. Mixed salad greens
3. Cherry tomatoes
4. Red Onions (optional)
5. Crumbled Feta Cheese (optional)
6. Vinaigrette or dressing of your choice
7. You can replace the salad greens with spinach leaves and the cherry tomatoes with sliced Roma tomatoes if you wish.


Making this Beef Doner Salad is so Easy! Using a medium to large salad bowl add in your Mixed salad greens, Cherry tomatoes, Red onions, Feta cheese. Then using your preferred method, either stove top, microwave, oven or grill, cook your Sliced Beef Doner Kebab until your desired tenderness. Once the Sliced Beef Doner Kebab has rested for 1-2 minutes mix in with your salad, drizzle your favorite dressing and Enjoy!



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