Our History

Egea Food is a sequel to a company originally established in Germany in 1983. It is the story of inception of a family whose business life which started by supply sliced meat to ethnical markets turned to “Ready-to-Serve Doner Kebab” in a short time. “Doner Kebab”, which has spread almost all over the world in the present day, including Europe, has gradually become popular in the American continent. It is so rapidly developing as a new taste especially in the United States.

Some visuals that appear on these pages have a historical value in the Doner Kebab world. “Doner Kebab, Number 1” was just a dream some 34 years ago. But it has become a reality today. Doner Kebab culture has first conquered Germany and then the whole Europe thanks to the master doner-maker of Adana seen in the picture.

And the picture of a-la-Frankfurt “leaf doner” made of Milk Fed Veal meat seen with tomato slices on it is the picture of the quality. Naturally, Doner Kebab has so great a difference of quality although it is on the same frequency as the “gyros” culture which tries to resemble it in the United States territories. Doner Kebab is definitely the genuine one. It is original.

Egea Food has started its operations in this field in order to produce the “original” one in the United States territories. Egea Food is part of a large family here as well. The tradition of Doner Kebab production developed in Germany is maintained here in the same way. Quality of the meat we process, our workplace cleanliness of and high hygienic meticulousness is the assurance of Egea Food’s Original Doner Kebabs.