Our History

Egea Food is a sequel to a company originally established in Germany in 1983. It is the story of inception of a family whose business life which started by supply sliced meat to ethnical markets turned to “Ready-to-Serve Doner Kebab” in a short time. “Doner Kebab”, which has spread almost all over the world in the present day, including Europe, has gradually become popular in the American continent. It is so rapidly developing as a new taste especially in the United States.

Our History

Doner Kebab Specialties

Egea Food Doner Kebabs are made of milk fed veal, beef, lamb, chicken and turkey meat. Specific taste and flavor of each meat variety is prepared as different doner kebabs
and shipped to our customers.

Red meats and Poultry meats are definitely included into the production process separately. Hygienic attention is kept at optimum level against such dangerous diseases as Salmonella. Attention is also paid to any necessary hygienic meticulousness for doner kebabs added with minced meat.
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  • Certificates


    We're committed to making sure that everything we produce ends up as a greattasting snack. However, our mission for quality assurance is about more than that. we make sure our strict safety standarts meet USDA and HACCP requirements every single day, and we go above and beyond.

  • Philosophy Of Production

    Philosophy Of Production

    Our production philosophy as Egea Food is to use excellent meat and high quality meat products.

  • Transportation


    Delivery and takeover Frozen doner, kebabs, wrapped in plastic foil and/or pallet cardboard boxes appropriate for transport, may be delivered to the client's address, but clients can also pick them up on their own and organize transport. Transport temperature is 0° f.

  • Quality


    Egea Food, during döner production and after the end of it, we conduct numerous inspections to maintain quality.