of the doner kebap

of the doner kebap

Taste the flavor of quality with every slice.

Combining advanced technology and traditional hand finishing techniques, we make our Doner, Shawarma, and Gyro with family recipes. A profitable Kebab with minimal waste, we manufacture our Doner with consistent quality from the first slice to the core. You’ll taste the difference 35 years of experience makes.

A Doner made for you.

Whether you prefer classic Doner Kebab, Tasty Shawarma, or Juicy Gyro, we have a cone for you. Not a beef fan? Choose from milk-fed veal, lamb, chicken, or turkey for a kebab that you love. We only use halal certified meat and 100% Certified Angus Beef.

A Doner made for you.

Egea food originated in 1983 in Germany as a family business. German stores and restaurants quickly came to know and love “Ready-to-Serve Doner Kebab,” a mix of tender meat with European and Middle Eastern flair. But at Egea, we noticed that there wasn’t a manufacturer for local American businesses. Using the same time-honored recipes, Egea brings the delicious tender spiced meat to American markets. Our products are shipped nationwide to your grocery store, restaurant, or retail store.

Need a machine?

We have everything you need to be successful with Doner. Need a grill? A meat slicer? Or spare parts? You’ll find top-of-the-line Doner equipment here.

Why trust Egeafood ?

We’re committed to safe and flavorful production. We don’t just preach safety: we’re certified in it. Egea is completely USDA and HACCP certified, so you can be assured your ready-to-heat meat is safe to eat.
We use state-of-the-art Kebab factories and manufacturing processes with the highest quality meat to ensure uniform and delicious flavor with every bite.
As a family-run business, our philosophy is to use and maintain our families traditional recipes with the highest quality products, sourced from the best resources, all the while still maintaining affordable pricing for our customers.
Our delivery trucks are kept at a minimum 0 degrees Fahrenheit to keep all products at a safe temperature during transport. We offer nationwide delivery & export to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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